Samantha Matlhagela
Botswana, Africa

Thanks to Etiquette 
Magic of India : Celebrating Cultural Diversity exposes the reader to the beauty and magic of India.
It is a well written enjoyable book that gives insight and guidance on the Indian Culture and
Etiquette. Cultural differences and Etiquette are often overlooked however they are two most
important elements for both locals and visitors to know as they will make their interactions with
each other pleasant and enjoyable. Coming From Botswana in the Southern part of Africa and
planning on visiting India, I am particularly happy with this book. It has revealed so much about India
as a country, its dynamic cultures, people, national monuments that are completely different from
my country. It has demystified some ideas I had about India and gave me a more clear and
appreciative perspective of India. This book is a book collectors must have, a travellers must have,
and every Indians family library must have, their cultural pride India.