Nisha Gupta
Etiquette & Image Coach

"I have just read the review of Ms Niraalee Shah's book on Indian Etiquette. India is a complex ecosystem of culture and heritage that spans centuries. India cannot be classified under any one banner or label. It is an ever-evolving and pulsating sea of diversity in every form. It has given the world civilization and ethos that created history and is the future of the world. Amidst all this to even try to encapsulate Indian Etiquette and diversity is a huge feat. From the review, it is so apparent that Niralee has left no stone unturned and no facet unexplored to bring to readers both new to India and residents too, a bouquet of everything Indian that India can offer. I wish Niralee success in being a flag bearer in this field. I am looking forward to being a proud owner of her book and will definitely recommend it to many people for an insightful Indian experience that they are about to embark upon."